Consulting Projects and
Product Development.

We develop human-machine cognitive solutions for rehabilitation, therapy, training and human mind enhancement.

All our project efforts are centered around the user, being Cognitive Science and the practical application of Artificial Intelligence the common denominator. We provide solutions for different sectors like healthcare, mental care, training, education and security.

The complex human-machine interplay requires interdisciplinary expertise in cognitive neuroscience as well as the use of different hardware and software technologies. We cope with that complexity building specific project teams from our Applied Cognitive Neuroscience Network.

Depending on your needs we offer customer-tailored or turnkey solutions. We also use our intensive research activity at psicobotica labs to create new products and prototypes for our customers (in addition to our very own products).


Tailored Solutions

We work closely with our customers to design and implement custom solutions, assessing the viability of the project proposal, identifying key A.I. technologies and planning required resources.


Turnkey Solutions

We also offer a portfolio of turnkey solutions based on innovative AI products we have developed in our research lab. Current portfolio is in stealth mode. Please contact us for details.


Product Development

We co-develop novel human-machine A.I. products with partner organizations, integrating our research resources and skills with proprietary assets. We also collaborate with other research groups, startups and private R&D teams.


Contact us if you have a Human-Machine AI project in mind.