Our Artificial Intelligence applications in education and training are based in context awareness and personalization. We use natural language understanding and machine vision to automatically detect the needs of the student.

Amaritas® is an advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) system able to automatically decode the meaning of complex messages in naturally spoken and written Spanish language.

Online messaging and communities are very valuable tools in the domain of education. However, learning services providers need to ensure that communication within these platforms is healthy and effective.

Human moderation and traditional Natural Language Processing (NLP) approaches cannot effectively deal with the volumen and complexity of student communities’ vibrant informal communication.

We use advanced Deep Learning techniques to accurately extract the real meaning from online discussions and interactions, protecting the most vulnerable groups from being harassed or bullied.

Some solutions of the amaritas® family for the education & training industry are:

      • amaritas® moderator: Intelligent moderation of online forums, automatically detecting toxic speech and keeping communication healthy and effective (see demo).
      • amaritas® anti-bullying: 24×7 Intelligent monitoring of online messaging platforms, efficiently detecting threats, hostility, violence, insults, toxic speech and identity hate (see demo).
      • amaritas® API: Build your own toxic speech detector using the RESTful API interface (see demo).


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