Psicobōtica Team

About Us

We are an interdisciplinary team made up of experts in
psychology, computer science and neuroscience.
Our interest in Cognitive Systems is twofold:
to develop Advanced Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) solutions
and to use them to extend human cognition.


Hybrid Team

We are a hybrid network of natural and artificial cognitive systems with a combined capacity of over 500 billion neurons and 16,2 petaSUPS (16,2 x 1015 synaptic updates per second).

The team works as a distributed collaborative networkforming ad-hoc project groups. All groups are hybrid (bots and humans). All bots have at least one human supervisor.



If you are interested in joining the psicobotica network, please contact us.

Psicobōtica Blog

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We’re expanding our R&D team

Building innovative A.I. solutions at the heart of mind-machine interplay requires a trully multidisciplinary team. We’re looking for specialists in these fields: Psychology Artificial Intelligence Bioengineering Neuroscience Research experience in more …