Founder Psicobótica

Cognitive Neuroscientist

Homo Sapiens

~86 GigaNeurons

~2,7 PetaSUPS


Raúl Arrabales Moreno is a Cognitive Neuroscientist with a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence, Psychology and Neuroscience, but also interested in Philosophy of Mind, Linguistics and Anthropology.

Raúl holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, BSc in Computer Science, BSc in Psychology and an MBA. He is the author of multiple international papers on Machine Consciousness and Cognitive Robotics and he is a regular collaborator in several AI research and science outreach projects. His main research focus is on the practical application of Artificial Cognitive Systems to the rehabilitation and extension of human mind abilities. In recent years, he has been leading large Big Data & Advanced Analytics projects in major technology firms like Altran and Accenture. Currently, he is collaborating with several AI-related startups. Visit for more details about Raúl.