Psicobotica Human Team

Founding partner

Raúl Arrabales, PhD

Cognitive Neuroscientist
PhD Artificial Intelligence
Cognitive Psychologist
Computer Scientist, MBA



Advisory Board

picturePentti O A Haikonen, PhD

Adjunct Professor
University of Illinois
Expert in Machine Consciousness



Antoni Gomila, PhD

Cognitive Science – Founder ReteCog
Full Professor – Psychology
Universitat de les Illes Ballears (UIB)




Ricardo Sanz, PhD

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
Director Autonomous Systems Lab
Polytechnic University of Madrid




Manuel G Bedia, PhD

Phisicist, Cognitive Scientist
University of Zaragoza
Co-founder Retecog




Fco. Javier Ordoñez, PhD 

Lead Data Scientist
Expert in Activity Recognition



Jorge Muñoz Fuentes

Data Scientist
Chute (San Francisco)
Expert in Machine Learning





Victoria Alonso
Social Media Manager
BSc Psychology Intern
BSc in Nursing




Research Interns

Irene Sanz

BEng Bioengineering
Somatex Medical Technologies



Business Network

Logo SerendeepiaSerendeepia

Experts in Deep Learning
Startup culture
Fast prototyping in A.I.



Faculty Fellow Network

pictureAntonio Chella, PhD

Full Professor of Robotics
Expert in Machine Consciousness
University of Palermo



pictureBen Goertzel, PhD

Founder & CEO
Chairman AGI Society



picturePeter Boltuc, PhD

Professor of Philosophy
University of Illinois
Presidium Member of UIUC